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What is Geocaching Scouts UK

We promote geocaching and how it can be used in your Scouting or Guiding program, with Facebook to chat with other Geocaching Scouts or join us to get the extra member resources of Geocaching Scouts UK for only £1 a year. “JOIN HERE

Geocaching is a fun sport that combines being physically active and challenging the geocaches mind.

In visiting this webpage you have found our web geocache! Look inside there is a Scout Geo-coin Inside, Please Log your find.

Geocaching Scouts UK was started by a Scout Leader interested in using Geocaching in his program, he could not find much information so started this page to help Scouting and Guiding Sections with how to use Geocaching in a program. Join the adventure’s that can be had with the sport of Geocaching, and spread the word “Geocaching is Great! for Scouts and Guides”


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