Beaver Scout Geocaching Program

Geocaching, not just Cubs and Scouts, Beavers can have a Geocaching adventure, this is a great way for Beavers to have some fun outdoors. Our Beaver Colony went to a local park with a multi-cache with the coordinates hidden around the park on existing monument’s and plaque’s, when they found them all we could use the clue’s to find the Geocache… they had great fun. 

Key Points

  • Explain about Geocaching the Treasure Hunting Game
  • You will need a made up Geocache to show them and let them take a look, they will ask about the stuff inside, “you mean the Treasure, this will give you a chance to explain about take something leave something, and an item you think someone else might like, but not money or food. (a key rule explained)
  • Tell your Beavers about Muggles (none geocaching folk) and how it’s secret and finding a cache is needs you to sneak around and not let Muggles see, even when putting it back where you found it. (another key rule explained)
  •  Take time to visit first so you know where the geocache is, you can explain about the clue’s used by geocaches as sometimes the GPS is is a little out and the clue is to help with this. Also, you could ask a simple example like “where the trolls live” they should get the answer “under a bridge” you can then let them know how the clues may need working out as part of the game.

So how do I get started, get a account, look on for a local park or wood with a geocache to hold your adventure, do the cache yourself, risk assessment, make sure the terrain is safe, geocaches are not always child-friendly? Make it an adventure for them, your dementia as a leader sets the tone “who wants to go on a Treasure hunting adventure?”

Resources that will help run the Badge

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